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"Attitude is the key to the success of any business environment from a start-up company to a global institution and any position within the company."

- Helena Kotze -

"Ace of Attitude" is an excellent investment for the passionate high-level leader that is serious about empowering employees with positive business attitude sense.

Increase sales turnover and performance by empowering your sales/marketing consultants with Jacques's innovative sales and marketing attitude secrets.

Employees' attitudes influence the attitude of the company in general, which in turn influence the company's attitude towards clients as well as prospective clients.

Business Attitude projects the feelings, beliefs and values of a company or organization and has an effect on every person involved in the organization.

Jacques’s powerful 60 minutes, interactive keynote presentations encourage employees to shift their thinking about the business and to cultivate an attitude of ownership within the company. It is all about developing, improving and maintaining a positive Business Attitude. The "Ace of Attitude" approach is a necessity in today's business environment where teams and sales/marketing force has become the vehicle for moving organisations into a prosperous future. It’s no secret that employees’ attitudes have a drastic impact on the attitude of the business and productivity enhancement as a whole.

How many attitude training courses have your employees had?

Do your employees know what business attitude means?

Do employees understand the BIG impact of Business Attitude?

Do they understand that Business Attitude is the ACE of the company? It’s what makes the company unique and stand out from the crowd. It's the cornerstone for building business success and employee job security.
Here’s the secret:

The attitude a business projects towards the public will determine the public’s attitude towards the business. People prefer to do business with companies or organisations where there is a positive, friendly vibe and a happy-to-be of service environment. This is not client service. If the business attitude is positive everything else falls in place including client service.

By injecting the understanding of a positive business attitude into the workplace will encourage employees to become involved in the responsibility for company success. Positive business attitude boosts employee morale which leads to higher productivity and an increased sense of loyalty towards the business. An "Ace of Attitude" consciousness in the workplace has a ripple effect on how employees on all levels approach their work and how they function as part of a team.

"I believe that Inspiration & Imagination work hand in hand; that's why I use sleight of hand in everything I do."

With Jacques's captivating and inspiring "Ace Of Attitude" keynote presentations you can be sure to get more than a speaker and much more than a speech.