Unlike the analytical type of approach in average workshops, MBA is based on a unique thought-provoking process that breathes life into developing, improving and maintaining positive business attitude awareness.

"Here's the secret: People learn up to 40% more when they see and hear simultaneously and when the topic discussed is tied with a visual effect such as sleight of hand, it helps participants have fun while they're learning!"

Businesses across the board always need to find innovative ways to be at the top of their game.

Jacques’s game changer teamwork workshop MBA

(Managing Business Attitude)

is a 100% engaging program that will hit home in the first ten minutes.

Jacques encourages organisations to do introspection on their business attitude-behaviour which they  portray to the public, whilst drawing strong links between the two.

This must experience workshop is designed to give attendees an abundance of resources to help them attain a positive business attitude and to take ownership within the business.

Discover your ACE

Blueprint for building personal and business success.

Business Attitude Audit

A Personal attitude Audit towards the attitude you project in the organisation.
This unique self-discovery process changes attendees’ perspective towards business attitude.

Attitude vs. Attitudes

Explore and understand your unique self.
Understanding cultural differences improve collaboration.
Recognize the driving forces in others.
Improve communication and build relationships.

Your Business Secret Code

Create a new level of Business Attitude awareness.
Business Attitude determines effective outcomes.
Change perception towards the core goals and vision of the organisation.

MBA (Managing Business Attitude)

Understand the importance and challenges of MBA.
Commitment and drive builds a solid MBA foundation.

"No matter who you are or where you are from, your language, qualifications, age or gender, it's proven that everyone can relate to sleight of hand effects and humour. This is the secret to making my presentations unique and different."

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Here's the secret:

Employees' attitudes influence the attitude of the company in general, which in turn influence the company's attitude towards the clients.

This powerful teamwork workshop is for the entrepreneur or high-level leader who empowers employees to perform at peak levels.

Let Jacques help your team:
Mind-ShiftingTechniques and Actions

Merge the attitude of the employees, team and business.
Increase Productivity, Creativity and Commitment.

When you change your attitude, you change your perception of yourself, your work (business attitude), manager, clients, co-workers and everyone you interact with on a daily basis. Stretch yourself and enable personal and professional growth.

The MBA workshop is a customized half-day to full-day live interactive, hands-on workshop at any location of your choice. Your #ONE Teamwork Workshop with an unique powerful format filled with visual and real-world exercises. It changes the perception of the way you think about yourself, the way you think about others and the way you think about your organization.